Herbafast Lady


Powerful antioxidant, natural Fat burner, Cellulite breaker, substance synergy



Herbafast® lady reduces hunger with lowers appetite  patented innovative combination of probiotic yeast and a powerful antioxidant that reduces hunger, lowers body weight and eliminates toxins from your body. Powerful combination of 2 natural fat burning agents enhances thermogenic effect. With the aid of thermogenesis, metabolism is faster and fat burning is enhanced. Herbafast® lady capsule enhances the removal of water trapped in fatty tissue and cellulite.

  • Reduces excess of weight
  • Natural Fat burner
  • Eliminates toxins and excess water
  • Breaks down the cellulite

Adults and children older than 12 years:

  • 1 capsule a day – before a meal

Not recommended for pregnant women.


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