Folic plus


Pre-natal and after birth care

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The latest generation of Folic Acid

Low levels of the active form of folate in pregnant women is a risk factor for fetal development in general, and especially in the formation of the neural tube defect closure.

Therefore, the recommended daily dose of 400 µg folic acid supplementation in the form of biologically active folate (5-MTHF), one month before conception, during pregnancy and period of lactation.

  • Contains active form of folate, immediately available for biological action.
  • Have 9 times greater bioavailability than regular folic acid.
  • Numerous pre-clinical and clinical studies have proven its safety profile.
  • The biologically active form of 5-MTHF
  • High hydro solubility allows significantly greater intestinal absorption

Recommended for:

  • Before and during pregnancy
  • During breast feeding
  • In children and adults with Folate deficiency
  • Depressed and disturbed cognitive function
  • Bone mineralization

One capsule a day with a glass of lukewarm water


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