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The right choice to improve mobility & joint health in pets. VETJOINT is nutritional supplement to help dogs maintain healthy joints.

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The right choice to improve mobility & joint health in pets. VETJOINT is nutritional supplement to help dogs maintain healthy joints.

The active ingredients in Vetjoint forte are GLUCOSAMINE , Non-Animal CHONDROITIN SULFATE and Mn (Manganese)


Glucosamine is contained in joint cartilage, and is a naturally occurring substance produced in an animal’s body and is composed of a sugar and an amino acid. It is essential for producing healthy cartilage tissue and a key ingredient in cartilage metabolism. Its function is to maintain and regenerate healthy cartilage in joints. It increases the amount of cartilage and fluid that surrounds the joints. As our dogs age, the production of glucosamine slows down. This, coupled with the normal wear and tear on the dogs’ joints, results in degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis. Glucosamine helps prevent joint breakdown and reduces pain.


  • NON-ANIMAL CHONDROITIN SULFATE– Chondroitin Sulfate is a naturally occurring compound found in cartilage. It also promotes healthy joints by neutralizing the effects of destructive enzymes, increasing water retention, and enhancing the elastic properties of cartilage.

Produced by proprietary fermentative processes: Non-Animal production

High purity and quality profile guaranteed by controlled, reliable and reproducible process

Very low protein content and substantial absence of unusually sulfated and over-sulfated disaccharides

Demonstrated biological activity and established safety with published results

Demonstrated superior bioavailability due to low molecular weight

Demonstrated reduced arthritic score in animal model

Demonstrated to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines and C-reactive protein

Demonstrated safety and efficiency in animal model

Demonstrated very low protein content potentially reducing adverse reactions

Manganese supports Joint Health,boosts bone health is a powerful antioxidant,manganese promotes tendon health and enhances muscle health .

One capsule for every 10kg body mass.


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