BebiCol (with Zn)

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BebiCol® with zinc probiotic drops are recommended from the first day after birth:

  • to regulate gut microbiota of newborns, infants and children
  • to prevent and treat allergies and atopic dermatitis
  • to boost immunity
  • to lose weight and reduce the duration of diarrhea

It is highly recommended to children in extended hospital care to prevent hospital-acquired infections, as well as to children attending day care centers and schools who are typically prone to respiratory and stomach infections.


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Dosage for newborns, infants and children:

  • 14 drops once a day.

Shake the bottle vigorously before each dose. Opalescent quality of the drops after shaking the bottle is common and expected. It is best to take the drops by using a spoon. The drops can be taken by mixing them with either food or drinks. Pipettes should not be used to mix BebiCol® drops with other liquids or food.