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Abela Pharm Company

Abela Pharm GmbH is a Swiss company with a manufacturing facility in the Republic of Serbia, established in 2006.

We challenge the status quo and satify the need of our clients  by searching, obtaining, developing, creating, inventing or in-licencing most needed, most effective, most reliable, safest, and most convenient products.

We are a company for development and production of high quality pharmaceutical products.

We are focused on research, development, production and marketing of completely natural dietary supplements designed to achieve health for the entire family.

Our priority is that only the highest quality products get to bear the AbelaPharm company trademark.

That is why we continue to improve our resources, knowledge and skills, all with the purpose of finding the best quality healthcare solution for you.

Abela Pharm is GMP, HACCP and ISO certified and offers only the highest quality products which will be sold under  Abela Pharm’s brand names.


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